It happened to me. I eagerly entered my Steam code for Bioshock Infinite, purchased in the great deal Greenman Gaming was offering ($60 nets the customer the highly rated FPS from 2K plus the original Bioshock, XCOM, and one other title from a selection that contains Civilization V, Bioshock 2 and more), only to be greeted with the message that I had a duplicate product code. Somewhere out there in internet land something had gone wrong. I submitted a ticket to GMG only to have it sit in a queue for hours. It's half a day later and that ticket still sits, unanswered... unread. A quick Google search shows I'm not alone in this. Steam forums, Playfire forums, both alive with people running into the same problem, some hearing back from GMG and other not so lucky. Those few that have managed to get responses are saying GMG is not accepting blame in this debacle, instead shifting it to Valve and their Steam service. Reading the Valve documentation on how matters like this are resolved, we consumers are expected to contact the vendor, leaving us with the short end of the stick in a game of blame badminton. So much for the purpose of preordering...

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